Lionheart Enzyme + 7 Review

Lionheart Enzyme + 7 is a supplement and is used for bloating, constipation, IBS, and digesting food better. Enzyme is helps you to process food. As you get older you don’t do this very easily. These supplements contain the following ingredients: Calcium, Bromelain, Ox Bile, Pancreas Substance, Papain, Pancreatin, Cellulase Enzymes, Betaine Hydrochloride. All these not only give you better digestion but by doing this makes you feel better and have more energy. I am for anything that helps my system work better. You take 1 tablet at each meal. I have some bloating issues and have noticed it has helped a lot with this. I admit I don’t eat right. I am a junk food junkie. Overall I really like these pills and the effect they have had on me. I do feel better and not so sluggish.

*I received this for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.*

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