Reusable Washable Dog Belly Bands (3 Pack) Review

I got these for my Chinese Pug Buddie. Buddie has a hip degenerative problem, and sometimes has  a little leakage issue. As you can tell from the photo he does not like to talk about it. So to help Buddie, I thought I would try the Reuseable Washable Dog Belly Bands by Happypaw. I love the colors in grey, rust and green. They are very soft and have velcro closures to seal the band. They are specifically for male dogs and come in all sizes. I got medium for Buddie and they fit well. You just wrap them around his area and let the band do the rest. They are completely washable and I have washed them and they go back to the original shape. Overall I really like these bands and only use them at night and Buddie well he will come around.

*I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.*

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